21 Influential African American Leaders Near India Trail, NC

21 Influential African American Leaders Near India Trail, NC


You must have read about African American History and its leaders. Going back into the pages of Black History gives us a chance to reflect on the past. Here are 21 of the most influential African American leaders for you to know and keep yourself motivated throughout your lives:


  1. Maya Angelou: Maya Angelou was known as a great American poet, memoirist, and singer. She has also been a civil rights activist who has gone through a troubling past that she highlighted in her autobiography.


  1. James Baldwin: Being an American novelist, activist, and playwright, he has greatly served the community with his flawless and unending writing efforts.


  1. Kelly Alexander: Economic development, jobs, and education have been major parts of his N.C platform. He has held office since 2008.


  1. Alma Adams: She has been a three-term District 12 congresswoman. She has sponsored funding for Historically Black Colleges & Universities.


  1. George Dunlap: He has been the former DARE officer. His political career comprises stints with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg BoE (Board of Education). George has also been a part of the county commission serving as chairman.


  1. Mark Jerrell: After assisting other leaders in getting elected through public office, the veteran does represent District 4 in his first of terms.


  1. Renee Johnson: Renee has been a great member of the Charlotte City Council. She can find solutions for transitional & affordable housing.


  1. Carla Cunningham: Carla has been a state representative since 2012. She has been associated greatly with the community's health and well-being.


  1. Chaz Beasley: After completing two terms in N.C House, he is an attorney, shifting his locus to becoming the next lieutenant governor of North Carolina.


  1. Malcolm Graham: In 2019, he came back to the Charlotte City Council. It was after he served ten years in N.C. Senate. He did serve on the council beginning from 1999 to 2005.


  1. Trevor Fuller: After completing three terms with the county commission, being a stint as chairman, he has been operating for U.S. Senate.


  1. Ella Scarborough: In 1987, Ella turned to be the first African American woman who served the Charlotte City Council. Later, she began to serve as a large county commissioner.


  1. James Mitchell, Jr.: Being a Charlotte native, he has offered leadership for more than two decades on the Charlotte City Council.


  1. Vilma Leake: Vilma has been a gifted woman who always played wisely. She has been on the school board & county commission. Where, in Mecklenburg, she claimed to represent the most powerful district.


  1. Brandon Lofton: As a corporate attorney, Brandon has been serving his very first term representing south Charlotte (N.C. House). Being a kind-hearted one, he's supported several homeless people, as well as children.


  1. Carolyn Logan: Being the first-term state representative, she did break all the barriers for African American women while being under her public safety career.


  1. Nasif Majeed: Nasif has been a businessman who served in his first term in the state of the senate. He has assisted steer business on the west end of the town while recreating on the east side.


  1. Joyce Waddell: She has been a former member of the school board who began her tenure in 2015 with N.C. Senate.


  1. Vi Lyles: She has been the first African American female mayor of Charlotte. She also embraced a challenge in 2020 of hosting the Republican National Convention and endeavored to reduce homicides.


  1. Victoria Watlington: In 2019, she became a part of the Charlotte City Council after receiving professional & service honors coming from the UNC Charlotte and Charlotte Chamber of Commerce.


  1. Braxton Winston: Braxton, being a two-term councilman, assisted usher in an all advanced era of transparency and accountability belonging to city leadership.

21 Influential African American Leaders Near India Trail, NC - Honda of Indian Trail

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