Exercise Caution While Driving in Winter

How do you normally spend time during the holiday season in winter? The first thought that comes to the minds of a lot of people is travel. Then there is the practice of drinking hot chocolate in the morning, along with sitting next to fires after dark, which could happen at a new destination. So, assuming that you will be traveling this winter as well, ensure that you practice caution while driving in the cold. 

How to drive safely in winter

Severe weather can be difficult and frightening for many travelers. You need to be prepared for any kind of eventuality during this season. Although it isn’t possible to anticipate everything, the following basic precautions will keep you safe more often than not: 

  1. Always plan – You might be planning about the different food items and clothes you need to take, but are you giving your vehicle attention? It needs to be in top shape to handle tough winter conditions. Check your smartphone map and find out the safe roads at that time. Keep a windshield scraper with you, to clear out the snow.
  2. Start fresh, be alert- Make sure you start after having properly rested the previous night. It would be a good idea to fall asleep early, for you to be fully alert during the day. Never let yourself suffer from extreme fatigue, as it is the main cause behind several road accidents.  Avoid driving in the night, as snow would make it difficult to navigate a path in some places.
  3. Use apps- Download suitable apps for the road to help yourself out of sticky situations
  4. Defensive driving- Allow impatient and aggressive drivers to pass you by on winter roads. Drive defensively and do not let any vehicle hurry you up unnecessarily in the winter.
  5. Control speeds – Keep safe distances and drive at speeds to react in time if the vehicles ahead brake suddenly. Reckless driving is a strict no-no, and it is even more dangerous in winter. Your vehicle will always struggle for grip in snow, and so do not complicate the situation further by driving too fast.
  6. Safety first- ABS, Traction Control can only help you in certain situations, but you’ll be safest if you wear seat belts. Encourage other passengers to wear them too. 
  7. Avoid distractions – Resist the urge to send or receive a text message while driving. By texting or by speaking on the phone while driving, you are also putting other vehicles at risk.
  8. Do not drink and drive- Always remember to not drink if you are the one driving, as there’ll be many such occasions in winter. Hire a designated driver if necessary or ask a sober friend or relative to drive. Consider staying over at a friend or relative’s place if you don’t have a designated driver.
  9. Accident coverage- Find out about your accident coverage options to get peace of mind in such unfortunate circumstances. You can get in touch with a reliable company to know about this in detail. 
  10. Prevent theft- A few simple techniques like storing valuables in the trunk and parking in familiar areas will help prevent vehicle theft. If you have a garage, remember to use it.


Exercise Caution While Driving in Winter - Honda of Indian Trail

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