Help Your Car Fight the Winter Chill

Winter has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere, and individuals will have to pay more attention to their cars than they do in summer. When the temperature becomes cold, there can be a few pestering issues such as frozen fuel lines and dead batteries. Make sure you keep the following tips in hand for a trouble-free winter:

  1. Give the vehicle time – It will be a mistake if you try to drive off from your parking spot in winter as soon as you start your car. This is because your car’s engine needs a few minutes to adjust with the outside environment before it can run without problems. Belts and hoses can warm themselves and fluids start to flow.
  2. Buy new engine oil - Engine oil normally gains viscosity when at lower temperatures. For it to be an effective lubricant, it must be reasonably viscous. However, if it becomes very thick, the oil pump may get damaged in no time. Be sure to use 5W engine oil in the winter.
  3. Check the batteries- Most vehicle batteries lose about 50% of charge once the temperature drops. Poor maintenance and battery age also limit its charging abilities. If the battery is taking longer than usual to start or you get slow cranks, it may be time to replace it.
  4. Tire pressure- Ensure that the tires are in good shape before the onset of winter. Depending on the amount of snow or ice around, you will have to select the right tire pattern.
  5. Get winter fluids- Engine fluids generally have a lot of water, and so you will need to change them for the extremely cold weather. As an example, windshield washer fluid is known to help in the removal of road salt and sludge. It can be purchased in special winter formulations.
  6. Protect the fuel line- If outside temperatures drop and water vapor gets into the fuel line, it will not take much time for the fuel line to freeze. Fixing the fuel line is not expensive, but it may become troublesome. So, add a fuel additive into the line and top up the fuel tank to the brim.
  7. Change wiper blades- We often do not realize that the wiper blades have become old, only when it starts scratching the windshield do we know that they require to be changed. It is essential to get rid of precipitation from the windshield in falling snow.
  8. Headlights- Visibility becomes low as a result of the falling slow. In such times, it is critical that the car’s indicators, taillights, and headlights are in perfect working condition. It may be a good idea to fit higher output lights for better road visibility.
  9. Prepare a winter supply box- It is the most important step for the safety of your vehicle and you. Ensure that you carry a trunk full of supplies, to help when you get stuck in really bad weather and are unable to move for more than a day. Items you can include are change of clothes, extra pair of gloves, bag of sand (increases traction), radio, and a charged mobile phone for emergency calls.

Help Your Car Fight the Winter Chill - Honda of Indian Trail

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