2021 Honda Accord

The Honda Accord has long been on the American market, the first model launched in 1976 Honda Design. The family sedan market has shrunk . . .
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What to do in Monroe, North Carolina this Summer

Located in Union State, North Carolina, Monroe is a rapidly growing new city known . . .
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2021 Honda CR-V

Ever since it’s been launched, the CR-V has always been famous for its reliability and excellent fuel efficiency despite being an SUV. For these and . . .
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4 Car Noises that Require Immediate Attention

Have you heard any unusual or weird noises coming out from your car lately? If you have noticed any of these noises recently . . .
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2020 Honda Fit

Honda Fit has been in the market since 2007. It is a subcompact meant to deliver a high fuel economy and gives tremendous room for its size. Design in good . . .
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Why is it Important to get a Brake Service?

The efficiency of your car's braking system is critical when it comes to vehicle safety. One of your car's most critical safety features is its braking system, and properly
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What to Bring to the Dealership when Buying a Car

Are you unsure what to carry when purchasing a vehicle? What happens if you're about to sign a lease? You'll be in a great place to get the price you want and . . .
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2020 Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V is the smallest subcompact SUV in Honda’s lineup. However, it is important to not be fooled by the term ‘subcompact’ as it has more space . . .
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How to do your Part to Support Environmental Protection

Saving and protecting the environment is not something that can be done fast but requires several years of pain-staking efforts to do so. Unfortunately, it takes very little time to ruin the efforts made. There is no age group or segment . . .
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Honda Civic Hatchback Compared to the Honda Civic SI Sedan

Compared to the outgoing model, the new Civic, both in hatchback and sedan avatars, appears to be miles ahead. Many updates can be seen on the new vehicle, and this write-up will give a closer look at how the newer versions mark the birth of a new . . .
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Do I Need to Replace More Than One Tire at a Time?

Keeping up with the replacement of tires is indispensable to your security while driving. Without tires in excellent condition with good tread, you'll have challenges in slowing down, cornering, and accelerating. Naturally, tires will exhaust, and the expense . . .
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St. Patrick’s Day 2021 in Indian Trail, NC

St Patrick’s Day is regarded as one of the most important events for Irish Americans. It is held in reverence of the foremost patron saint of Ireland. Although . . .
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What’s new for the 2021 Honda Pilot?

Anyone who likes good looking vehicles must consider the 2021 Honda Pilot, which has been given excellent exterior and interior features in its latest avatar. This crossover SUV presents the best combination between style and comfort, especially on the outside. A few new developments in the 2021 range are available, which will be visible during this write-up.
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